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How to Choose Your Restaurant Equipment


Do you have a project for a restaurant, cafeteria, bar, street food service or catering service? At Maison Rondeau, we are well aware of the importance of providing you with efficient and durable catering equipment that will facilitate the conduct of your daily operations and maintain your food utilization costs as low as possible. Come consult with us in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. And do not forget to draw up your menu with your chef, this will be a precious guide when selecting your equipment!

Make a Preliminary Equipment List

Equipping a restaurant represents at the very least a colossal investment… Indeed, whatever your business plan, you will need to purchase a significant amount of material. For this first step, we recommend you create a table (Excel spreadsheet, for example) in which you list all the items you need, such as:

  • Furnishings (tables, chairs, storage scales, etc.)
  • Dishes (pitchers, serving trays, salad bowls, wine glasses, plates, etc.)
  • Food preparation equipment (food processors, blenders, cutting boards, etc.)
  • Refrigeration appliances (refrigerators, cold tables, ice machines, freezers, etc.)
  • Cooking tools and equipment (stoves, microwave ovens, warmers, fryers, etc.)
  • Efficient cleaning equipment (dishwashers, sinks, faucets, hot water boosters, oven cleaners, garbage disposals, etc.)

Contact Your Consultant

There are several restaurant products and equipment on the market. Once your shopping list is ready, you can contact Maison Rondeau to meet with one of our consultants.

On our website you will find our catalog of restaurant products giving you a good overview of the diversity and features of the products we offer. However, nothing beats having a meeting with one of our qualified consultants! Hurry and get an appointment with your representative! At the meeting, feel free to ask any questions that concern you, for example:

  • Did I choose the right equipment?
  • Can you provide me with datasheets for each device?
  • Do I have enough space according to my floorplan?
  • Is it possible to custom manufacture stainless steel furnishings?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are some of your achievements?

Now you have the confidence to be able to make your purchases. Please be aware that Maison Rondeau will support you throughout the process all the way until you open the doors at your new business and beyond.

Our focus is to develop a unique relationship of trust for the long term.

At Maison Rondeau, we stand out from the competition thanks to our expertise, quality products and competitive prices. Since our opening in 2003, we have delivered unparalleled service in the attention we pay to the needs of our clients. For more information or to make an appointment with one of our consultants, call us.

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