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Discover the Bunn Sure Immersion 312 “Bean to Cup”

Machine à café - Bunn Sure Immersion 312

A unique commercial coffee experience!

When it comes to commercial coffee, innovation can make all the difference in the customer experience. Discover the Bunn Sure Immersion 312 “Bean to Cup,” which stands out as a one-of-a-kind coffee solution. This coffee machine offers exceptional flexibility by allowing the distribution of fresh coffee per cup or carafe, in five programmable portion sizes. Its intuitive 17-inch touchscreen makes beverage selection engaging and effortless. Let’s now dive into the dynamic world of the Bunn Sure Immersion 312 and explore how this innovation is revolutionizing the coffee experience in convenience stores, hotels, offices, airports, restaurants, and other public places.

Excellence in Filtered Whole Bean Coffee with Air Infusion

The Bunn Sure Immersion 312 excels in preparing filtered coffee thanks to its aspiration filtration system with exclusive Air Infusion control. This innovative technology ensures a clean, balanced, and exquisitely smooth cup of coffee. Each sip is a pleasure to the senses, with rich and delicate aromas reminiscent of high-quality filter coffee tradition. Your customers will be delighted with the superior quality of every cup of coffee you serve them.

A Variety of Beverages with the Bunn Sure Immersion 312

In addition to hot and iced coffee, this commercial coffee machine allows for the blending of 2 types of coffee powder to meet all the requirements of your menu. For example, you can offer cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattees, mochaccinos, or even French vanilla-style coffees. Each recipe comes with programmable Air Infusion and immersion control, ensuring the ideal taste in every cup. Whatever their preferences, whether your customers seek a light and delicate coffee or a bold and intense one, the Bunn Sure Immersion 312 will satisfy their taste buds. Offer them a personalized and memorable coffee experience.

Versatility for a Personalized Experience

The Bunn Sure Immersion 312 offers unparalleled flexibility with its five programmable portion sizes ranging from 6 to 64 ounces. Your customers can fully enjoy their coffee by choosing between an individual cup for a moment of relaxation or a carafe to share a delightful coffee with their friends. Moreover, the adjustable cup clearance height from 5.75 to 8.25 inches allows for seamless use with different cup sizes. Offer your customers a tailor-made and hassle-free coffee experience with the Bunn Sure Immersion 312! Now you can meet the needs of all your customers with ease and elegance.


Engaging and Informative Touchscreen

The user interface is both intuitive and captivating. Its large 17-inch touchscreen makes beverage selection easy with attractive images. You can also display promotional videos to highlight your brand and pique the interest of your customers. Offer them a visually stimulating and immersive coffee experience.

Integrated Payment System for the Bunn Sure Immersion 312

This coffee machine offers even more convenience with the option to add an integrated payment terminal for credit and debit cards. With this feature, your customers can enjoy self-service from the machine at any time of the day.

Easy Maintenance for Reliable Performance

The Bunn Sure Immersion 312 also facilitates device maintenance with the Picture Prompted Cleaning system. Step-by-step images guide operators through proper cleaning techniques, ensuring reliable and consistent device performance. Simply insert a cleaning tablet into the machine and follow the steps indicated on the screen. This way, you can confidently offer your customers superior quality coffee.

To conclude on the Bunn Sure Immersion 312

As illustrated in our text, the commercial coffee experience is taken to a higher level. Thanks to its Air Infusion system, beverage variety, engaging touchscreen, and versatility, this machine revolutionizes how we enjoy our daily coffee. Get ready to offer your customers a unique and dynamic coffee experience with the Bunn Sure Immersion 312! This innovation promises to appeal to coffee enthusiasts in stores, offices, airports, and restaurants, providing them with tasty and superior quality beverages. Choose the Bunn Sure Immersion 312 and discover the potential of your coffee offering like never before!