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Employee Safety in Your Restaurant Kitchen: An Issue of Primary Importance


If you work in the field of restoration, you know that there is a frequent occurrence of all kinds of kitchen injuries: cuts, burns, etc. Fortunately, in recent years, more rigorous application of preventive health and safety measures helped to significantly reduce the number of accidents in restaurants of Quebec. At Maison Rondeau, we are keenly aware of the importance of making your working environment as safe as possible. Here’s why.

A Vicious Circle…

Working in an unsafe environment can be a major source of stress for your employees. And where there is stress, there is less concentration… and where there is less concentration, there is danger! If your employees are regular patients at the emergency room because of on the job accidents, it is high time to improve your processes. All the more so because when one or two staff are missing from the kitchen, the days are even more chaotic – and stress levels go up even more … In short, it is a vicious circle!

A Contribution by the Association des Restaurateurs du Québec (ARQ)

The ARQ is a non-profit organization bringing together business owners and executives working in the restaurant industry. This association has a Health and Safety policy for all its members. This document stresses the importance of setting up a safe environment for everyone working in restaurant kitchens. Furthermore, the Association insists that occupational health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is a well-known fact that preventable accidents happen when people are misinformed or poorly trained or simply careless.

Employee Training

According to the Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail (CSST), young people and new employees are most at risk of injury when working in a restaurant kitchen. Indeed, nearly 40% of incidents recorded in this sector happen to young people aged 24 and under…

For this reason, the ARQ’s policy highlights the importance of providing comprehensive training in health and safety to all new employees a restaurant. This includes having a walk-about to show them all potential sources of danger and explain how to avoid accidents. In addition, new employees must be informed of disciplinary measures in case of non-compliance with the law or with company rules or guidelines.

At Maison Rondeau, we 100% agree with the philosophy of the CSST and ARQ: kitchen employee safety is of paramount importance. If you wish to learn more about our quality products and personalized services, contact a Maison Rondeau consultant.

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