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Restaurant Cold Room (Walk-In Refrigerator)

If you work in restauration, you already know that cold inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria and slows down damaging chemical reactions in food items. To maintain your meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. in optimal condition, equip your restaurant with a cold storage room, designed by professionals.

You will be extending the shelf life of your goods and above all, protecting the health of those who consume them.

At Maison Rondeau, We Have the Cold Room Best Suited To Your Needs

As a distributor of restaurant equipment well known for the excellence of our services everywhere in Quebec, we are always eager to provide you with products that meet your expectations. In the case of cold rooms, as usual, we have selected products that have proven their excellence in the Quebec catering industry. Trust us to install your cold room, be it in a restaurant, a hotel, a school or a hospital.

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A Quebec Company You Can Trust

Our professional partner is a local business specialized in the design of customized cold storage rooms. Their products are made with incomparable attention to details, using state of the art design and manufacturing systems. Constantly improved, versatile and flexible, cold rooms are THE solution for your restaurant!

If you wish to install a cold storage room, call Mason Rondeau. One of our experts will go on site to take the exact measurement of where you want the walk-in refrigerator or freezer (or both) to be installed. Our mission is to build a cold room ideally sized to optimize your available space. Another advantage of doing business with us is that we process your order in the best possible timeframe in the industry.

Discover the main features of cold storage rooms

  • Panels built with 2 galvanized steel sheets covered with polyester enamel;
  • Silkline ribbed surface finish;
  • Sturdy steel plates to support hardware;
  • Eco-friendly and anti-moisture polyurethane microcell foam injection anti-humidity (with very little impact on the ozone layer and global warming);
  • Modular panels containing no substance conducive to distortion and mold growth.

A Cold Room Also Contains the Following Elements

  • Pre-tested electrical equipment;
  • Protection wrapping;
  • Prepainted steel partition (26 or 24 caliber);
  • Access ramp (interior or exterior);
  • Numerically identified panels;
  • Easy to understand assembly plans;
  • Suspension material;
  • Sturdy hardware (in a brushed chrome finish);
  • Sealing products;
  • DEL lighting (optional);
  • Shelving system (optional);
  • Storage system (optional).

All the cold rooms are built according to the standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ).

For quick and efficient installation, trust our specialists! Our certified technicians will make sure to install your cold storage room according to professional standards. For more details or to request a quote for a cold storage room, contact us today!

Need a quote? Please contact us! We have the best service!