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Kitchen equipment financing

Leasing and Rental for Your Kitchen Equipment in Quebec

Want to open your new restaurant chain in Quebec? Looking to make the most of your talents as a chef and open your restaurant? Look no further! Contact Maison Rondeau and start financing your project without further delay! Choose our leasing or rental solutions to efficiently acquire the kitchen equipment and appliances you need to get started today.


Whether it’s for a kitchen, a bar, a cafeteria or for your catering service, don’t let a lack of capital hinder your drive towards success!  Maison Rondeau is there to make it easy for you!

Seize this opportunity



Equipment Financing Made Easy


Launching and growing a business is not always easy, especially in the restaurant and catering industry. With refrigeration and cooking equipment, your start-up costs can run into thousands of dollars. To make your task easier and get started without further delay, Maison Rondeau offers you leasing and financing solutions!

Whether short or long term, leasing is ideal for you! With leasing, you don’t have to deal with the anguish and stress of not being able to start your restaurant and live your dream due to a lack of finances. Not only will you have the kitchen equipment you want, but our experts will be there to make it easy for you to get your credit.

Most importantly, at term, the equipment will be yours! And with our partnership with EconoLease, end-of-contract terms are only $10 or 10%.


Why Lease?

  • Fast and economical
  • At affordable rates
  • Easy application procedure



Ease Your Kitchen Equipment Acquisition


Are you looking to start your business in the restaurant industry intelligently? Then renting is your best option! Not only is your start-up cost lower, but you are also less exposed to the risks and uncertainties of your business. And if your business is on the road to success and you like the equipment, we’re here for you! Maison Rondeau allows you to rent equipment for a certain period and makes it easier for you to acquire it once you are ready to do so.

Our rental services have been designed to make it easier for you to start your restaurant business!

Since our services are offered through EconoLease, the procedure is effortless! Find the kitchen equipment you like and contact us as soon as possible! Our experts will be at your disposal to facilitate the financing and acquisition process.


Three Easy End-of-Term Options

  • The acquisition of your equipment
  • The continuation of your rental
  • The conversion of your contract into a lease or finance contract


Take Your Chance!

Don't let things get out of hand and fund your project today!

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