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Sirman Anniversario 300 – Manual slicer – 12 po blade


Data sheet - Sirman Anniversario 300 - Manual slicer

Item# : E040.ANNIVER-300

Discover slicing excellence with the Sirman Anniversario 300 manual slicer, a true masterpiece for restaurants seeking precision and performance. This slicer embodies the perfect blend of artisan tradition and modern technology, offering an unparalleled slicing experience.
The 12-inch blade of the Sirman Anniversario 300 is crafted from superior quality steel, guaranteeing exceptional sharpness and enhanced durability. This razor-sharp blade cuts deli meats, cheeses and other ingredients with surgical precision, delivering uniform slices that will delight the most demanding palates.
The slicer’s meticulous ergonomics guarantee easy, safe operation. The slice thickness adjustment feature allows chefs to customize slicing to their needs, offering unrivalled flexibility for a variety of ingredients. The manual crank ensures total control, allowing chefs to adjust the cutting speed to suit the texture of the food.
The elegant design of the Sirman Anniversario 300 blends perfectly into the aesthetics of a high-end restaurant. Made from top-quality materials, this slicer combines sturdiness and elegance, making it not only an essential work tool, but also a distinctive piece in the kitchen.
For passionate chefs looking to sublimate their culinary creations, the Sirman Anniversario 300 manual slicer with its 12-inch blade is the ultimate choice. With this slicer, every dish becomes a work of art, where precise cutting and meticulous presentation are elevated to an exceptional level. Experience culinary perfection with the Sirman Anniversario 300, a slicer that transcends expectations.

Blade: 300mm (12 in.)
Construction: Enameled cast aluminum – Stainless steel and silver anodized aluminum details
Width: 33 11/16
Depth: 24 5/8
Height: 27″ (27″)
Product weight: 132 lbs
Patented actuation system
BS1 deli blocking arm
Easy-to-position sliding tray
Ergonomics, easy sliding and cleaning
Cart fully removable for cleaning