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Lainox – NAEB-072


Combi oven. WIFI or Ethernet card connection.

Cloud offering: original recipes and a world of variety.

Recipes, videos, tutorials and menus all available in the Cloud.

All recipes at a click.

10″ colour screen (LCD), HD with super flat screen.

Automatic door opening.

Hideaway Drawer – for detergent.

Half as much cleaning.

D ynamic Ecospeed – recognizing the quantity and type of food being cooked, Naboo optimises and controls the energy supply maintain the right temperature, prevention and fluctuations.

Multilevel – cooks various foods at various cooking temperatures at the same time, preventing downtime, part loads and unnecessary consumption.

DRY FAST – chamber dehumidifier for crisping and browning fried foods, grilled foods, desserts and perfect bread.

Autoclima – Humidity control system. Juiciness and tenderness are equally ensured when reheating precooked foods.

Smokegrill – Premier professional oven allows grilling that replicates the advantages of cooking with wood. Total electric power: 19kW

External dimension (mm): 1170 x 895 x 820 (H)


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