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Hi-Techvacuum – M219INCLINABLE


Hi-Tech vacuum packaging machine

Sealing beam: 2x 19 inches
With tilting base: ideal for liquids
Vacuum pump: Busch 21 m3/h (1.25 HP)
120 volts
Made in Canada

The tilt model is designed to faciliate vacuum packaging large volume and amount of liquid products such as soups, sauces, stews, mash vegetables, pickled foods, etc. Beside being versatile and reliable, the tilt model is most suitable for high activity restaurants, caterers, central kitchens and more. The production speed is increased not only by the characteristic tilting chamber feature but also by providing quick and easy access to the pump and other components which will help you keep your machine at top performance and always ready for high production with straightforward and fast maintenance. The tilt model is also a perfect fit for the packaging of larger products or to accelerate production of individuals pouches size per cycle with their roomy chamber and long sealbars, combined with a high capacity Busch pump.

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