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Dynamic – Power Pro


Heavy duty mobile mixer Dynamic Power Pro TB002 / Gigamix

Designed for high volume mixing
Suitable for preparation of up t0 100 gallons / 400 liters in central kitchens
Perfect for food production in 40+ gallons steampot

Includes titanium plated cutter blade (11″ diameter bell) to mix large preparation in less than 5 minutes
Made in France

Versatility: many accessories are available (options)
1) Whisk tool to mix delicate recipes
2) Blender tool to emulsify soups and sauces
3) Potato masher (50-150 kg of potatoes)
4) Pump and portion gun to transfer food preparation in smaller containers

Performance: faster than traditional mixers
Powerful: 2.2 kW motor
Stainless steel construction (easy to clean)
For an intensive usage
Casters and tilting mechanism to facilite transport and storage

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