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AUTEC ASM410A – Nigiri Machine – Sushi


Item# : O030.ASM-410A

Explore the refined art of nigiri preparation with the AUTEC ASM410A, a sushi rice dumpling machine that elevates the creation of perfect, uniform nigiri.
The ASM410A is equipped with an advanced rice dumpling forming system, guaranteeing ideal consistency and texture for every creation. Chefs can easily adjust the size of the rice balls, offering total flexibility to accommodate a variety of toppings and tasting preferences.
The machine’s intelligent automation ensures fast, consistent nigiri production. The precise forming device ensures optimum pressure for perfectly compact nigiri, enabling chefs to maintain exceptional quality, even during peak periods.
The AUTEC ASM410A’s robust construction guarantees long-term durability, suited to the demanding environment of a restaurant kitchen. Its compact design and intuitive operation make it easy to integrate into any kitchen, improving operational efficiency while preserving the artisanal quality of nigiri.
Offer your customers nigiri of exceptional quality, with perfect aesthetics and unrivalled flavor. With this machine, turn every bite into a memorable culinary experience, making your establishment a destination of choice for the most demanding sushi lovers.

Nigiri production
Produces nigiri rice pellets every 1.5 seconds, reaching up to 2,400 pellets/hour.
Forming roller options
Choose from SS-L (42 mm) or SSS-L (48 mm) forming rollers to adjust nigiri size.
Single or multiple production
Choose from single or multiple rice pellets dispensed onto the turntable and easily switch between the two according to your production needs.
Dimensions: W 12.2″ x D 19.6″ x H 23.3″ (310 mm x 497 mm x 592 mm)
Weight: approx. 50.6 lbs (23 kg)
Hopper capacity: approx. 14.5 lbs (6.6 kg)
Production rate: approx. 1.5 seconds per bale – up to 2,400 bales per hour


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