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True – THAC-48


This True open refrigerator is designed to “be of lasting quality to protect your long-term investment.

Made with high quality materials and components, the THAC-48 provides temperatures that are best adapted to the foods it contains. This economical appliance will lower your electricity costs, while ensuring the exceptional taste of your products. The Thac-48 is one of the best appliances available on the market today.

This factory balanced refrigeration system is able to maintain temperatures between 35 °F and 40 °F (1.6 °C to 4.4 °C).

The cabinet structure is entirely filled with polyurethane foam, using no products that are harmful to the ozone layer (ODP) and with no effect on global warming (GWP).

DoorsShelvesDimensions (inches)VoltageAmpsShipping weight(lb)
3690 3/827 3/4371/3115/60/18.5525

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