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True – GDM-23F


Made of high-quality materials and components, theGDM-23F provides the most suitable temperatures for the foods it contains. This economical appliance will lower your electricity bill while safeguarding the exceptional taste of your products. TheGDM-23F is one of the best choices of the appliance on the market today.

The refrigeration system is balanced at the factory, it keeps your food cold at temperatures to -10 °F (-23.3 °C). Ideal for ice cream and other frozen products.

The vinyl laminate exterior makes this appliance very durable.

The attractive white aluminum interior is approved by NSF standards.

The door closes automatically with a torsion type system.

Windows in double thermal glass (Low-E) are the latest in energy-saving technology.

The fluorescent light inside the refrigerator provides easy viewing of all products.

The cabinet structure is entirely filled with polyurethane foam with no products harmful to the ozone layer (ODP) and has no effect on global warming (GWP).

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