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Star – 210HX


Pizza oven Star Miniveyor 210HX
Countertop model
Designed to cook a variety of menu items such as fresh dough pizza, blanched pizza, subs, cookies and fish
Conveyor of 10″ width x 31″ length
Electric: 208 volts 3 phases OR 240 volts 1 phase (specify when ordering)

Perfect for fresh dough pizza or blanched pizza up to 9″
Cooking time: 1) approximately 90 seconds for a 6″ blanched pizza; 2) approximately 120 secondes for a 9″ blanched pizza

High-power quartz infrared elements located above and below conveyor belt allowing precise even heating of products
Analog controls for conveyor belt speed, top and bottom heat
Stainless steel construction
Overall size: 36.4″ length x 15.4″ depth x 14″ heigth
Compact design can be stacked two ovens high
Made in the U.S.

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