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Sky 60 round folding table by Siesta – Black – Durable weather-resistant resin


Brochure - Sky 60 round folding table by Siesta

Item# : I038.24R-NOIR

The Folding Round Table Sky 60 by Siesta, adorned in an elegant black shade, epitomizes the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and weather-resistant style, making it a go-to option for dining establishments. Designed to meet the demanding needs of the industry, this table offers a versatile and aesthetic solution, adding a modern and practical touch to any dining space.
Crafted with durable resin, the Folding Round Table Sky 60 ensures exceptional robustness while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. Its folding design adds a practical dimension, allowing for compact storage when the table is not in use. This makes it an ideal choice for spaces where flexibility in layout is essential, whether for special events, outdoor dining, or daily use in a bustling restaurant.
The timeless black hue imparts an elegance suitable for various decors, whether in a modern café, a lively terrace, or a sophisticated restaurant. The durable, weather-resistant resin ensures exceptional outdoor performance while maintaining an impeccable appearance in the face of natural elements.
Whether creating a casual dining area, furnishing a welcoming outdoor terrace, or organizing special events, the Folding Round Table Sky 60 by Siesta is the perfect choice. Easy to maintain due to its weather resistance, this table offers a stable and practical surface, catering to the changing needs of the dining space.
In summary, the Folding Round Table Sky 60 by Siesta in Black, with its construction in durable resin and weather resistance, is a wise option for dining establishments seeking to blend functionality, elegance, and durability, whether indoors or outdoors.

Color: Black
Assembled table dimensions: Full height ; 74 cm – Table top diameter ; 60 cm
Dimensions folded table: Height ; 100 cm – Width ; 47 cm
Material: Durable resin
Use : Indoor/Outdoor
Easy care
Lightweight and foldable