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Meater Plus – RT1-MT-MP01


Thermometer Meater Plus
Wireless: 50m range
Smart: guarantees perfect and consistent cooking with the Meater+ app to download on your cellphone
Built for use in the BBQ, oven, immersion circulator, smoker, grill, Kamado or rotissoire

Simple: 1) insert the probe in the meat; 2) follow the app instructions; 3) the Meater app on your cellphone will notify you when the meat is ready
Dual sensors: measure internal and ambient temperatures
Accurate temperature readings: +/- 0.5C
Water resistant and diswasher-safe
Lasting battery: 24+ hours with each full charge
Made with food grade stainless steel and heat-resistant ceramic
App requirement: 1) iPhone et iPad: iOS10.3 and later; 2) Android: version 5.0 and later