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Lamber F99EKDPS – Undercounter dishwasher


Lamber F99EKDPS - Undercounter dishwasher

Item# : E040.F99-EKDPS

The Lamber F99EKDPS is an undercounter dishwasher, designed for foodservice spaces looking for exceptional performance in a compact format, this dishwasher offers an unbeatable combination of power, reliability and efficiency.
Featuring rugged stainless steel construction, the Lamber F99EKDPS can withstand the rigors of the most demanding kitchen environment. Its solid structure guarantees long-term durability, while offering superior resistance to corrosion and wear.
This dishwasher features fast, efficient wash cycles, allowing you to clean a large quantity of dishes in a minimum amount of time. With adjustable wash options, users can customize cycles according to the specific needs of their establishment, guaranteeing perfectly adapted cleaning for each load of dishes.
The Lamber F99EKDPS features an intuitive control panel for easy programming of wash cycles, while its self-opening door makes loading and unloading easy. What’s more, its compact dimensions enable it to fit perfectly under the counter, optimizing the space available in your kitchen.
Maximize the efficiency of your kitchen with the Lamber F99EKDPS undercounter dishwasher. Offering superior performance in a compact size, this machine lets you keep dishes sparkling clean, even at the busiest times. Reliable, durable and efficient, the Lamber F99EKDPS is an indispensable asset for any catering establishment seeking to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Soft start
Soap and rinse pumps
Automatic tank loading
Stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304 lower rotating wash and rinse arms
Removable control panel for easy maintenance
Double wall thermal and acoustic insulation
Self-washing slanted tank with rounded edges
2 integrated tank filters in stainless steel
Counterbalanced double-wall door
Dimensions (PLH): W 23.62 x D 25.59 x H 32.38
Weight: 159 lbs
Power supply: 280 V / 35 A / 1 phase