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Juliette chair by Siesta – Black – Seat and back in recyclable polypropylene and anodized aluminum legs


Brochure - Juliette chair by Siesta

Item# : G020.14-JUL-0-03

The Juliette Chair by Siesta, elegantly presented in black with a seat and back made of recyclable polypropylene, epitomizes the harmonious marriage of contemporary design and environmental responsibility. Designed with an ergonomic seat, this chair combines modern aesthetics with environmental sustainability.
The ergonomic seat of the Juliette Chair offers exceptional comfort, suitable for extended use, while the thoughtfully designed back ensures optimal support. The recyclable materials underline Siesta’s commitment to sustainability, providing an environmentally-friendly option without compromising on style.
The anodized aluminum legs add a sophisticated touch to this chair, creating a subtle contrast with the black hue of the seat. Anodized aluminum not only ensures increased durability but also corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.
Versatile and chic, the Juliette Chair seamlessly blends into various environments, whether in a contemporary indoor dining space, on a trendy outdoor terrace, or in an elegant cafe. Its timeless design and environmentally-conscious composition make it a wise choice for those seeking to merge style and responsibility.
Easy to maintain thanks to its high-quality materials, this chair offers a practical solution for environmentally-conscious design enthusiasts. The Juliette Chair by Siesta in Black, with its recyclable polypropylene seat and back and anodized aluminum legs, embodies the successful fusion of contemporary elegance and environmental commitment, ideal for both indoor and outdoor restaurant spaces.

Color: Black
Measurements: Full height; 83 cm – Seat height; 44 cm
Width; 48 cm – Depth; 53 cm
Material: Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene and anodized aluminum legs
Ergonomically shaped for optimum comfort
Use: Indoor/Outdoor
Easy maintenance
Lightweight and stackable