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JET-TECH EV22 – High-temperature door dishwasher


Document JET-TECH - EV18 - EV22 - version EN et FR

Item# : M069.EV22

The JET-TECH EV22 is a professional dishwasher designed to meet the high demands of foodservice establishments. Featuring a high-temperature door, this dishwasher ensures impeccable cleanliness while maintaining optimal sanitary conditions.
With its high-temperature door, the JET-TECH EV22 provides effective disinfection, eliminating bacteria and germs on the dishes. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens that prioritize maintaining rigorous hygiene standards.
This dishwasher is equipped with advanced features to maximize efficiency. Its powerful jet system ensures thorough cleaning, eliminating stubborn food residues. The JET-TECH EV22 offers multiple wash programs to accommodate various types of dishes, from delicate glasses to robust kitchen utensils.
The energy efficiency of the JET-TECH EV22 helps reduce operating costs while delivering exceptional performance. Its compact design allows easy integration into professional kitchen spaces while ensuring sufficient capacity to meet the daily needs of a foodservice business.
In summary, the JET-TECH EV22 is a reliable high-temperature dishwasher, offering the perfect combination of cleanliness, energy efficiency, and advanced features to meet the high standards of the food industry.

Washes 30 baskets per hour
2 cycle options: 2 or 3 minutes
Uses 0.85 gal. per cycle
Width: 29 3/8 inches
Depth: 30 1/4 inches
Height: 52 1/4 inches
Voltage: 208-240 V/60 Hz/single-phase
Power: 22.8 A, 10 kW
Temperature range: 185-194 degrees F
Door clearance 16.75 in (425 mm)
Stainless steel body, outer housing, wash tank and frame
Fiberglass-reinforced upper and lower rotary wash and rinse arms
Automatic two-way safety microswitch on door
Automatic filling and water level control
Standard equipment includes : One open combination basket and one 19.75″ x 19.75″ (500 mm x 500 mm) peg dish basket