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Garnier-Thiebaut – 41027-41028


Tablecloth Garnier-Thiebaut Mille sicilia limoni 41027-41028
100% cotton
Sizes: rectangular 61″ x 89″ (#41027); rectangular 61″ x 102″ (#41028)
Type: jacquard weaving technique
High quality workmanship from France

Renowned for its luxurious, high quality linens, Garnier-Thiebaut designs, weaves and crafts tablecloths, napkins and aprons in France. For more than 185 years, the company has been manufacturing linens for the most prestigious hotels and restaurants around the world.

La cucina dell’arte: a warm and high-spirited way-of-life, a lovely patchwork of culture, daily life, arts and regional specialties. A harmonious and audacious extravagance. Profusion of plenteous colors, bountiful savors and pleasant textures.

Wash separately at 40°C before first use. A stain is more easily encrusted on a non-prewashed laundry
Machine wash with colored detergent for colored laundry
Follow the washing instructions on the label sewn onto the product