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Garland GTGG24-GT24M 24 po gas griddle with thermostatic controls


Data sheet - Garland GTGG24-GT24M - GTGG36-GT36M


The Garland GTGG36-GT36M 36″ cooktop is available with natural gas or propane. It’s a high-end piece of culinary equipment designed to meet the needs of demanding professional kitchens.
This cooktop features two “U”-shaped burners and a 1″ thick polished steel plate, delivering an impressive 56,000 BTU of total power. Each burner features precise thermostatic controls, allowing precise temperature adjustment from 200° to 550° Fahrenheit (90° to 290° Celsius). This feature is essential for chefs who demand absolute precision in cooking every dish.
The 24-inch cooking surface offers ample space for maneuvering and cooking several dishes simultaneously. It features a stainless steel grease drawer that can hold up to 1.4 gallons of waste, allowing it to handle constant use. Ignition is easy with these piezo pilot igniters.
High-quality stainless steel construction gives this hob exceptional durability, standing up to the rigors of the foodservice environment. Ergonomic, durable control knobs add a touch of user-friendliness, making it easy to adjust cooking parameters.
Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast looking for exceptional performance, the Garland GTGG24-GT24M 24-inch natural gas cooktop with thermostatic controls is a must-have choice for those seeking quality, precision and reliability in their kitchen.

2 burners of 28,000 BTU each
56,000 BTU total
Temperature range: 200° to 550° F (90° to 290° Celsius)
Thermostat controls with on/off valve
Construction: stainless steel
1″ thick polished steel hot plate
Stainless steel grease drawer
Piezo pilot ignition system
Power type: Natural gas or Propane gas
3 ⁄ 4″ NPT gas regulator with T manifold connection
Hot plate: 23.63″ W x 23″ D
Overall: 23.63″ W x 32″ D x 13″ H
Weight: 247 lbs (112kg)