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Doyon – PIZ6


Doyon PIZ series is designed like no other on the market. Its exclusive Jet Air baking technology is a reversing fan system that helps to bake evenly. It has 3 individual drop down doors that only takes up to 6” in front of the oven.

PIZ ovens are great for space and energy savings. The 3 perforated nickel plated decks are designed for fast heat accumulation as well as even heat distribution across the decks. The heat provided from the nickel coated perforated deck makes a nice even crust due to the air moving through the perforated holes and from the heat of the metal deck itself. Better known for baking pizzas, it can also be used to bake and cook multiple products.


3 nickel coated perforated decks
High production capability with ability to cook both fresh and par-baked pizza
Fast baking: 5-6 minutes at 500F
Versatile: pizzas, sandwiches, italian, mexican, wing, seafood, poultry, pretzels, pastries, cajun, deserts and bakery items
Capacity: 60 pizzas 18″ / hour OR 90 pizzas 14″ / hour OR 90 pizzas 12″ / hour OR 180 pizzas 9″ / hour

Reversing fan system
Fast pre-heating: 15-20 minutes
Temperature up to 600F (315C)
Digital timer
Stainless steel contruction (interior and exterior)
Ventless: do not require any ventilation system
Available electric (208 or 240 volts) OR gas model (natural or propane gas)
Baking deck size: 37-3/4″ width x 22″ depth
Oven size: 47-5/8″ witdh x 42-5/8″ depth x 36-1/4″ height (electric model)
Stand available in option
Made in the U.S.

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