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CPI StemShine Pro GP8 – Eight-brush electric glass polisher


Data sheet - CPI StemShine Pro GP8

Item# : G002.GP8A

The CPI StemShine Pro GP8, a revolutionary electric glass polisher with eight brushes, specially designed to elevate the presentation of your glassware to heights unmatched in the catering world.
The StemShine Pro GP8’s eight rotating brushes work in harmony to quickly and effectively remove imperfections, water marks and unwanted marks, leaving your glasses with exceptional clarity. Each meticulously designed brush reaches every area, from delicate feet to the most intricate shapes, for uniform, dazzling results.
Advanced electrical technology guarantees silent operation and consistent performance. With intuitive controls, this polisher makes operation easy for restoration professionals. Its ergonomic design allows seamless integration into your workspace, and its sturdy, elegant casing adds an aesthetic dimension to your establishment.
This eight-brush electric glass polisher offers a complete solution for achieving sparkling glass in record time, allowing your team to focus fully on delivering an unforgettable culinary experience.
Opt for perfection with the CPI StemShine Pro GP8, the polisher that transcends expectations when it comes to glass presentation in the catering world. Let every detail shine, offer your customers an exceptional visual experience and raise the standard of your service with this cutting-edge innovation.

Easy-to-use controls
Stainless steel construction
8 cotton-soft synthetic brushes
Easy to clean and maintain
Internal fan and Calrod heating element
Width: 15 inches
Depth: 18 inches
Height: 24 inches
Amps: 13 amps
Hertz: 60 Hertz
Phase: 1 Phase
Voltage: 110 Volts
Power: 1500 watts
Power type: Electric