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Blodgett – 1060


Pizza oven Blodgett 1060
Heavy-duty model
Baking deck of 60″ wide x 36″ depth
Built for high-volume pizzerias
Natural gas or propane gas

Designed to bake directly on the Ultra Rokite stone deck: even heat transfer and moisture absorption for a crispy crust
Temperature range: 300F – 650F
Capacity: 18 pizzas 10″ OR 8 pizzas 14″ OR 6 pizzas 16″

Power:  85,000 BTUs
Stainless steel construction: durable and easy to clean
Overall size: 78-1/4″ width x 45-5/16″ depth x 37″ height
Stackable (2 units)
Made in the U.S.

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