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AUTEC ASM250A – Norimaki Cutting Machine – Sushi


Item# : O030.ASM-250A

The ASM250A is equipped with newly improved cutting blades that precisely slice sushi rolls, cutting them into 6/8/10 pieces by changing the blade unit. This feature allows quick and easy customization of portion sizes, tailored to your customers’ preferences and the variety of your sushi creations. Whether you’re serving smaller portions for light tastings, or more generous pieces to satisfy voracious appetites, this machine offers exceptional versatility to suit your needs.
Thanks to its intuitive operation and user-friendly controls, the ASM250A is easy to use even for novice operators. Its compact design fits easily into any restaurant kitchen, optimizing workspace while improving operational efficiency.
The AUTEC ASM250A’s robust construction guarantees long-term durability, suited to the demanding environment of a professional kitchen. Its ergonomic design and ease of maintenance make it a reliable choice for quality- and performance-conscious restaurateurs.
Optimize your norimaki sushi preparation with the AUTEC ASM250A, norimaki’s cutting machine that delivers impeccable results every time. Offer your customers an exceptional culinary experience by presenting sushi of unrivalled quality and aesthetics, thanks to this machine that transcends expectations when it comes to sushi preparation.

Features :
Efficient production
Automatic operation for cleaner, faster production.
Clean, uniform cut
Newly improved cutting blades accurately slice sushi rolls, cutting them into 6/8/10 pieces by changing the blade unit.
No direct contact with the blade
During operation, rolls are cut safely behind the blade cover to avoid direct contact.
Exterior dimensions: W 14.2″ x D 11.5″ x H 17.2″ (360 mm x 292 mm x 436 mm)
Weight: approx. 39.7 lbs (18 kg)
Production rate: Max. Cuts up to 600 rolls/hour (depending on roll size)


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